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Diocese of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.
(Affiliated to National Secretariat for Justice, Peace & Human Development Commission of the Catholic Bishops’ conference in Sri Lanka incorporated by Act of Parliament No 17 of 1983)
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 Current Programms
1. test ongoing project (From 2013-08-05 to 2013-10-13)
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  1. Integral Human Development through Community Empowerment (IHDtCE)
  2. Vocational Training for youth
  3. Child Protection Policy (CPP)
  4. Caritas Scholarship Programme (CSP)
  5. Plantation Project: Empowerment of the Green Gold Harvesters
  6. Fostering Community Mobilization for Conflict Transformation – Human Rights Programme
  7. Promotion of Safe Migration of Women Domestic Migrant Workers & Prevention of Human Trafficking
  8. “Hope for the Sick” -Diocesan Medical Fund
1. Integral Human Development through Community Empowerment (IHDtCE)
IHDtCE focuses on achieving integral human development by effectively empowering the poorest and marginalized communities. Improving the socio economic and spiritual status of such communities by enabling them to gain access and control, management and maintenance of resources and decision making power are the means of achieving integral human development. Capacitating the community to understand causes of marginalization, organizing the community groups to form community institutions and advocacy and lobbying actions to influence adverse policies is the general process followed in this regard.

  1. Community Mobilization and Empowerment
  2. Promoting Social justice and Building Sustainable Peace
  3. Community based Disaster Preparedness
  4. Psychosocial Support
  1. Community Mobilization and Empowerment :
  2. Integral Human Development through Community Empowerment
  3. Social justice and Building Sustainable Peace
  4. Creating an environment in the mindset of different people in order to bring sustainable peace and harmony
  5. Community based Disaster Preparedness
  6. Adverse impact in terms of loss of human life and damage to properties and environment will have been reduced
  7. Psychosocial Support
  8. Emotional, psychosocial wellbeing of people improved
2. Vocational Training for youth
The training programme is for school drop outs. The objective is to develop skills of the youth enabling them to approach easily for job opportunities. Deserving 20 youth of the diocese, who has the desire and capability of learning skills will benefit under this programme.
3. Child Protection Policy (CPP)
The programme had been worked out on “Child Protection Policy” taking account of our responsibility over the children and also the numerous issues, problems that are faced by them and also child abuses spreading day by day in Sri Lanka. Attention has also given to child rights and responsibilities of parents and elders over the children. Third phase of the CPP has been implemented January to December 2012 and the fourth phase will continue from January to December 2013.

  1. To promote the Child Protection Policy and to make the public aware of Child Rights
  2. To educate children of their rights and empower them through various activities and interactions including skills development, so that they learn to protect their rights and protect themselves from abuse.
  3. To educate parents, teachers on the CPP and National Child Protection Authority Act to prevent children from abuse and create a child friendly environment.
  4. To introduce sustainable methodologies for reactivating existing structures developed by government for children, networking with like minded organizations, to enhance human situations of children and larger community.
4. Caritas Scholarship Programme (CSP)
Sixty school going children have been benefitted under the scholarship programme. Financial assistance were granted monthly, subject to receipt of funds from Caritas Poland, in order for the students to do their studies satisfactorily.
5. Plantation Project: Empowerment of the Green Gold Harvesters
Goal :
Plantation community of the estate integrated into Sri Lankan society

Specific Objectives:
  1. Plantation Communities have increased access to government administrative services
  2. Plantation communities received legal documents
  3. Community leaders emerged from the plantation sector
  4. CBOs strengthened and federated into umbrella organizations.

  1. Group Formation for Advocacy and Lobbying
  2. Capacitating the CBOs and Youth
  3. Preparation of the relevant Authorities
  4. Activities for Advocacy and Lobbying
6. Fostering Community Mobilization for Conflict Transformation – Human Rights Programme
The programme covers five areas paying attention to five community base organizations and their membership. Awareness will be created on fundamental freedoms and rights in rural communities. Following activities will be undertaken during the year.

  • Leadership training for women members
  • Awareness programme for government officers
  • Strengthening relationships of CBOs with government institutions
  • Awareness programmes for CBOs
  • Formation of Human Rights vigilant groups
  • Celebration of International Human Rights Day
7. Promotion of Safe Migration of Women Domestic Migrant Workers & Prevention of Human Trafficking
Promoting enabling environment for Women domestic workers for decent employment and safeguard their rights.

  1. To form a successful community network to facilitate implementation of safe migration
  2. To develop competencies of aspirant migrant workers to follow proper channels of migration and link them to relevant authorities
  3. To promote education on human trafficking at school level and support migrant workers’ children
  4. To provide assistance to affected women migrant returnees and their families to effective reintegration
8. “Hope for the Sick” -Diocesan Medical Fund
Many people came to our door, for help. Often good Parish Priests and the Bishop himself directed them for financial assistance. It was sad to see them going empty handed as we did not have any fund to help these needy persons. This motivated us to launch a new venture with a new vision of transparency. Accordingly, with the blessings of His Lordship and the Diocesan Presbiterium, Caritas Sethmini initiated actions to establish a “Medical Fund” under the theme “Hope for the Sick” on the fifth Sunday of Lent of 2012, that was set apart for Sethmini collection.

Medical Fund has been established and several needy persons were supported up-to date. Fourth Sunday of lent of 2013 has been set apart for the same purpose and we hope to develop the fund further with the contributions of generous people.
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