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Diocese of Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.
(Affiliated to National Secretariat for Justice, Peace & Human Development Commission of the Catholic Bishops’ conference in Sri Lanka incorporated by Act of Parliament No 17 of 1983)
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 The History of Caritas Sethmini Ratnapura
Ratnapura diocesan centre, Caritas Sethmini, came into being along with the establishment of the Diocese in 1996. Earlier the Ratnapura diocese, Sabaragamuwa province, belonged to Galle Diocese. The office of Sethmini, the social institute of the catholic church of the diocese of Ratnapura, was inaugurated in 1996 at Moragahayata.

Rev.Fr.Dudley Attanayake was the first Director. Fr. Director, with a limited number of staff members, launched social service of the Church, to a limited number of areas to benefit disadvantaged and poor people. Animation programme took off the ground during this period. Animators entered the intended villages, discussed with them, mobilize them, formed small groups. It was the intention of the Director to identify few numbers of capable persons and to train them as leaders in order to ensure the continuity and to utilize them as mobilizes of those villages. Small scale projects were implemented under the animation programme along with the savings of the membership.

Rev.Fr.Charles Degalle became the second Director from 01st Of April 2004. He initiated to establish few numbers of pre-schools in villages and estates. Plantation communities maintained relationship with Sethmini centre. Programme was launched to rehabilitate drugs an alcohol addicted in village and estate sector. Projects were implemented for the benefit of differently able persons, called community based rehabilitation, in order to integrate them to the society. Life Education programmes for youth & children focused on changing attitudes and life styles in order to form a disciplined and active society with good leadership.

Rev. Fr. Texie Dissanayake steered the wheel of Caritas Ratnapura steadily ahead for the next three years from September 2011 to August 2014. Under his leadership Caritas Ratnapura established many Sethmini cells in various parishes, rural villages and in number of estates in the plantation sector. Lenten Education Programme was launched in all these three years and the collections from all the parishes are used to assist the medical needs of the poor and the vulnerable.

Rev. Fr. B. Anton Sriyan, the fourth Director of Caritas Ratnapura leads the Caritas Family since August 2014 up to this day.
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